How much is a media wall installation London?

What is a media wall? Maybe your first question? It is a trend that has picked up significantly for the last few years.

We cover Enfield, North London and surrounding areas, for media wall installations, with or without fireplaces and so will only be discussing cost in our area.

Generally it is a partition with an opening for a tv, sometimes sound bar, fireplace and open shelving on both sides. The TV is mounted in the centre on a bracket similar to the one here

We have completed over 20 different styles over the years and have learnt the key to this is having a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve.

What does your space need in your living room? Is it to enhance your home movie experience? Is it to be a focal point when you have guests? How large is the space.

All these factors are important but the most important question you have is, what will it cost me?

The key part of this question is to do with method. Do you want it to be like the rest of the walls except maybe with different colour paint? Or are you adventurous and want tiles and contrasting shapes. With the advent of Pinterest now you are able to really take your artistic ambitions to another level, take inspiration from those around you and really make your home yours.

Below we have linked a couple of projects to show you the process of what to expect.

There is normally a frame, plasterboard (or drywall for our American friends reading this), plaster or board finish with the final colour to be painted once the plaster is dry.

On average after completing so many of these installations, the general rule of thumb is that it will cost between £1800 – £6,000, based on total size, and level of difficulty in completing the project, also the type of fittings and fixtures you choose. You can have a media wall installed with or without a fireplace, a sound bar is also a great option for that added special experience.

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Nearly there… finished soon.. #cinemawall

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Here is a typical fireplace we normally use in our media walls!